The importance of sharing cyber threat information has been discussed for more than a decade. Establishment of sector based communities built on a basis of affinity and trust is recognized as a key ‘next phase’ of developing resilience capabilities for our nation.  This national ISAO provides a connective platform for locally structured and market-based ISAO activity, and a sustainable model for growth while enhancing overall resilience.   CyberUSA is a ‘community of communities’ allowing business to continue as normal at the local level, providing potential funding methods in support of local efforts, and helping local cyber communities improve cyber resilience capabilities locally and nationally.

Sustainable Funding:  Free Market Driven

Local ISAO’s will have access to a funding model that will allow use of a marketplace development platform, a threat intelligence platform, a membership model and interconnection with the CyberUSA network of communities.

Situational Awareness:  Multi Sector/Multi State

Convene State-Level coordination, in cooperation with National Council of Governors, to coordinate resilience efforts and communications infrastructure across regions, connecting at the national level.

Develop a CyberSTATE effort for each state and determine priorities, information and threat sharing opportunities within each location.

Provide rapid rollout capability to support ISAO and ISAC integration with national ISAO infrastructure utilizing available tools: Cyber Torchbearer ™ toolkit and Marketplace under development by DHS NIPP S&R program for national rollout: ISAO SO methodologies; CyberUSA Community Ecosystem Development Model.

Education, Outreach, Acceleration:  Force Multipliers

CyberUSA provides a mechanism for rapid adoption, via value driven programs, integrated marketplace assessment and data collection with mapping to the NIST Framework, analysis tools for enrichment of marketplace data providing clearer understanding of capability and workforce development needs.

CyberUSA provides methods to effectively integrate local activities with the NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) program for development of education tools and assets within covered markets and jobs map.  This allows close integration with academic institutions for development of appropriate education programs to address identified jobs, skills & resilience gaps.

CyberUSA hosts educational sessions within each region, corresponding face-to-face meeting for statewide and regional ecosystem participation, trust building, training and communication.

Each year, all states and local participants are invited to contribute to the national gathering for all regions at CyberUSA Congress to advance the priorities of the national ISAO and integrate with the national ecosystem.