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Our members

CyberMaryland is made up of the regional business, academic, government and military community.

How we got started

CyberMaryland is an regional community of advocates, educators, technologists, operators, investors, businesspeople, students, retirees, government personnel, elected officials, authors, inventors, and people who care about building trust relationships and continually advancing the cyber ecosystem in the Maryland Region. CyberMaryland is an affiliate of CyberUSA, recently created in late 2016 with seven founding state members (Maryland, California, Texas, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Colorado). CyberUSA is chaired by Governor Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of Homeland Security. CyberMaryland mirrors the national mission, which focuses on cyber education, innovation, workforce development and threat identification and mitigation.


What we do

Our unique position as an entry point for the U.S. Cyber marketplace, the intensely focused asset base and distinct talent distribution provide an opportunity as well as a responsibility for our region. CyberMaryland operates as an information sharing and analysis organization committed to developing and enhancing our region's cybersecurity capabilities. The organization is committed to building our community while assisting to manage and mitigates cyber risk by sharing information. CyberMaryland is also committed to developing and accelerating the educational opportunities for students via pathways from high school to two and four year cyber degrees. This includes early college credits to incentivize a running start to college and then the workplace.