We are never going to secure the country by working from the Beltway out. This has to be from outside. From the bottom up.”
Gov. Tom Ridge, First US Secretary of Homeland Security Chairman, CyberUSA

CyberUSA is proud to announce the expansion of its cyber intelligence exchange to corporate members at no cost.

CyberUSA is pleased to announce the formation of an intelligence exchange for qualified member organizations. CyberUSA recognizes a national incident exchange is critical to lower the costs to defending networks and increasing the costs to adversaries. CyberUSA utilizes TruSTAR Technology’s privacy-preserving collaboration platform.

The Opportunity

CyberUSA is sponsoring exchange membership for affiliated state member organizations. Each corporate member of a CyberUSA member organization is entitled to two (2) licenses to the exchange at no cost. In addition to access to the exchange community, each user credential includes:

  • Access to CyberUSA’s Enclave and representative state enclave
  • Open source & external intelligence enrichment
  • Secure, real-time, and threaded incident chat
  • Visualization tech utilizing advanced graph & link analysis tools
  • CISC’s Constellation Visualization Tool
  • Access to existing API connectors / integrations for automating ingest and indicator export

The Challenge

Timely and actionable exchange of incident data between companies is rare given two important challenges: protection against market and reputational risk and immediate ROI for companies and operators. The exchange addresses both of these challenges concurrently enable an active exchange of data.

The Solution

Since risk is one of the biggest obstacles that prevents organizations from sharing data early enough in the incident response process for it to matter, CyberUSA identified TruSTAR as a technology partner, with its patented privacy-preserving intelligence exchange technology.
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